Orlando vacation homes to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. Below, we have listed the main concerns, so you can better understand the benefits of staying in Orlando vacation homes.



01. Is it secure to book vacation homes over the Internet?

As with any other hospitality service in Orlando, be aware if the company is reliable and provides full support by email, website or phone. After all, nobody wants to the Orlando vacation rentals to become a nightmare. The VIP Homes belongs to Casa na Disney LLC, which has been over 10 years in the real estate market and have worked with full transparency with our customers all over these years. You can trust on us, check our customers reviews.


02. What are the ideal months to travel to Disney?

It all depends on what you are looking for. If you want to have fun and enjoyment in the water parks of Orlando, the American summer is the best season; between June, July and August. But, if you want to relax, in the months of May, June, September, October and November you find the Orlando parks with lesser tourists. But remember that some American holidays also attract tourists to the city. They are: Spring Break, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.


03. Where the Walt Disney World located?

The Walt Disney World complex is part of Kissimmee and Lake Buena Vista, located in metropolitan of Orlando. To give you an idea, the parks gates are in Kissimmee, but you can also travel to the nearest town in 10 minutes, because everything is very close.


04. How to use the GPS in the United States?

The Zip Code is something quite important when programming the GPS in Orlando. Stay tuned to this code and the name of the town where you want to reach, because Orlando is composed of several smaller towns such as Kissimmee, Celebration, Clermont, Lake Buena Vista, Doctor Philips, among others. These towns usually have same street names and you may find yourself in a different location you were trying to reach.


05. Where are located our Vacation Homes?

If you want to rent Orlando vacation homes, the property must be in a Short Term Rental Area. The main areas that are authorized are in the cities of Kissimmee, Davenport and Clermont, which are located between 5 and 20 minutes to the Disney theme parks. In Orlando, it exist an apartment complex, on International Drive, which is authorized for Short Term Rentals, near the Convention Center. In all other areas of Orlando, it is not possible to rent Short Term Homes.


06. What does “W Irlo Bronson Memorial or US-192” means?

You will hear a lot these names because it is the main avenue of Kissimmee, where you will have access to the entrance of the Walt Disney World and most of the Orlando vacation homes. The division is very simple. In the East Zone (Eastside) you will find the oldest part of the city, the center, the municipal airport and some old condominiums; while in the West Zone (Westside) you will find the new development area, developed from 2000, with the Disney Parks and younger and renowned communities.


07. Can I have the address of the vacation home before sign the contract?

No. We have adopted this security procedure for our customers (home owners). Imagine if you are a home owner, would you like to release your vacation home private information in any search over the Internet? We don’t think so. That’s the reason why our consultants disclose the location of the community and clarify any doubts about the neighborhood only after our future guest showed real interest in staying in our vacation homes. This measure increases our credibility towards our customers.

VIP Homes is part of Casa na Disney Group (LEGACY TRAVEL) is the largest provider of Orlando vacation rentals to international customers. The company is located in Kissimmee and is properly licensed as a Travel Agency (ST 37863) and is highly recommended.


08. What is the average distance from the vacation homes from Disney theme parks?

It is important to highlight, that all of our available Orlando vacation homes are very well located. We inform the distance and time of Disney’s south gateway entrance to each home in our website.


09. Will the vacation home in the pictures be the same one when arriving at the location?

Yes! If you have rented a specific home in Orlando, you will stay in the exact home chosen, for sure. The vacation home we will direct you and your group will be the same in the pictures seen before closing the contract. Of course, with time and possible reforms in the property, some details may have changed, as furniture, but nothing that can influence your pleasant stay during yours vacation.


10. How to choose the proper Orlando vacation homes for your family or group?

You can have an idea by taking a look at our website of what would fit best in your vacation. However, the ideal is to consult one of our consultants for more details and information about each house. They are very knowledgeable of our properties and will be happy to find the perfect house for you and your group.



11. Can I rent a vacation home directly from rentals by owner?

This practice is not common or recommended. Here’s why:
– If there’s any problem with the vacation home, the owner has no other home to transfer you;
– Many homeowners are sued by the banks for not paying their mortgage. We do not to work with this type of homeowners;
– It is possible that the images presented by the owners are bad and most of the furniture is old, since many of them do not visit the house for years.

Be aware of very cheap deals coming from direct owners because they may grant you with very unpleasant surprises, such as lack of cleaning and maintenance.


12. Should I rely more on the internet than in my travel agent?

This is one of the most common mistakes in those who frequently travel. No one is better than your travel agent to find exactly what you are seeking for. Sometimes information from blogs, social media, and even from Google Maps isn’t updated or 100% correct. Trust in the opinion of your travel agent, he is the most appropriate professional to help you with questions related to your trip and it is certified to offer the product that best suits you and your group.


13. Is it safe to stay in Orlando vacation rentals?

Some tourists are used to worry about security; our homes are very safe with alarm system, but there are homes that do not have walls or fences. The comforting news is that the US crime rate is extremely small. And even better: VIP Homes never had any occurrence in their vacation homes or even with their guests. However, we always recommend a few precautions:

– If you leave the house, make sure all the windows and all the doors are locked;
– Keep the curtains closed when you leave, preventing people passing by and seeing what’s inside;
– Let the high-value objects stored in a safe place in the house;
– When you exit, turn on the alarm, if available in your property.

Besides all these precautions, you can still rent a property in a gated community with 24 hours security.


14. Why renting vacation homes rather than stay in a hotel?

The comparison is not that simple. Many factors must be considered. For example, there are many cheap hotels that offer low quality, but we can also find expensive and incredible hotels, like Disney and Universal resorts. Which is the best fit for you? If you are seeking for a good quality hotel, we also offer carrier rates negotiated at great prices in the US market. Talk to one of our consultants.

Remember that a cheap hotel does not offer the same quality as our Orlando vacation homes. Imagine having to share a room with 3 or 4 people during the stay. Only the best hotels offer TVs, coffee makers, microwaves and refrigerators. In our Orlando vacation homes you can have all the comfort and privacy with the complete infrastructure – a bedroom for every 1 or 2 people, dining room, television, game room, full kitchen, laundry, internet, private pool, etc.

Coming to Disney World, usually the ideal is to stay at least 10 days to able to enjoy all the theme parks. it is noteworthy that a hotel room starts to get too small after 3 or 4 days. To avoid this stress and save in the division of expenses with your group, try the Orlando vacation homes with us. You’ll definitely approve!


15. Are the Orlando vacation homes fully equipped?

Yes, all of our Orlando vacation homes are equipped with full kitchen (stove, refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, blender, etc.), central air conditioning, laundry with washer and dryer, and all bed and bath linen, TV in the living room and in the bedrooms. In addition, many homes have additional items such as video games, barbecue, games room, spa, private pool, among others.


16. Do all of the Orlando vacation homes have SPA and private pool?

Most of our Vacation Homes have private pool and spa. Others already offer these items in the community itself for free. Few houses do not offer private pools but they turn out cheaper. If private pool is indispensable for your group, talk to one of our consultants.


17. Do all the private pool covered?

The private pool of all the vacation homes are covered with a protective screen that actually has two functions: reduce exposure area to UV-A and UV-B and protect against very common insect in Florida. It is noteworthy that this coverage has nothing to do with the plastic greenhouses we find in other countries.


18. How the regular pool cleaning is performed?

VIP Homes has a specialized team to clean the pools, weekly, so you don’t need to worry about this service during your vacation. Service entrance is accessed behind the house. After cleaning, the cleaner will leave a flier that shows the quality of the water. Enjoy!


19. It is possible to contract the pool heating service for the Orlando vacation homes during the winter?

Yes, if the vacation homes offer a private pool, you can purchase the optional heating at average cost of $ 25-30 per night. If you choose this service, the heating will be triggered in the morning of check in – the water can take up to 24 hours to reach the maximum temperature of 29,5oC (85oF) – enough to break the ice and allow bathing in winter, between November and February. Very high temperatures, about 40 ° C, as in SPAs, are not allowed in large pools as they may crack due the heat.


20. Do the Orlando vacation rentals have housekeeping or daily cleaning?

No, it does not. American homes are made to stay clean for longer. They all have central air conditioning system and this makes it impossible to open the windows at all times, thus avoiding dust to enter and accumulate. In addition, all homes come with dish washer, and washer and dryer.

If you need help cleaning services, we offer our authorized vendors services for:
– Daily Housekeeping;
– Mid-term cleaning;
– Full Cleaners.

Talk to one of our consultants about these services.



21. Are cleaning and hygiene items provided during my stay?

Like a hotel, our vacation homes offers a starter kit of soap, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent and fabric softener. These items are ideal for your first days at our vacation homes. After then, the guest is responsible for refilling each product according to their need, as in your own house. All products are readily available in supermarkets and conveniences nearby.


22. Does the Orlando vacation home have hair dryers?

The vast majority of the vacation homes are equipped with hair dryers in their suites. But if you find it necessary to take your personal or even buy a new super powerful model in the nearest Walmart, feel free to do it! Good and cheap products options abound in Orlando.


23. Do the vacation homes have an iron?

Yes, all our vacation homes provide iron. But it is worth remembering that all clothes come out of the dryer almost needless to pass.


24. Is it necessary to bring our own towels, pillows, sheets or blankets?

No. All our vacation homes are equipped with bedding, including blankets, comforters, 400-thread cotton sheets, pillows and good quality towels. Even if the temperature is mild, you might want to sleep with cooler air-conditioning, you will have everything you need to keep you warm.


25. What sizes of beds are available in vacation rentals?

The available beds are always box with quality spring mattresses, the same is used on the best Orlando hotels. You will find King or Queen size beds in the suites, Full or Single sizes in other rooms. Our team of consultants knows every detail of our homes to help you in choosing the most suitable for the needs of your group.


26. Do all the properties have grills in the backyard?

Most homes with private pool offers American style gas grills. However, to use it, it needs to pay a use fee, which provides the gas supply and final cleaning of the equipment. The average fee is $ 65. Request this service with your agent.


27. Do all vacation homes have air conditioning?

Yes, all of our Vacation Homes features air conditioning and central heating. Operate the equipment is very easy; just follow the instructions left in the property. And remember: the Americans are measured in degrees Fahrenheit and not Celsius, as in most of the other countries. Be careful to not freeze your home.


28. Do all vacation homes have TV and DVD Player?

All our properties are equipped with large TV in the living room and smaller TVs in the bedrooms. Most homes are equipped with flat screen TV (LCD, LED) and DVD Player. However, please note that this equipment only run Region 1 movies.


29. Do all the vacation homes have a landline? Can I use it?

All vacation homes of VIP Homes have landline that allows unlimited calling to the US and Canada. Some of our properties also have a GLOBAL VOICE system, which enables free calls to landlines in Brazil and Brazilian cell to $ 0.17 / min. recalling that the telephone calls will be charged to deposit. Talk to our consultants and find out if your home has this service.


30. How does garbage collection works in Orlando communities?

The way Americans deal with garbage collection is very interesting. Stay tuned to the instruction manual on the collection, once you get in the house. There, will be the right day the garbage truck passes and all the details about separation of waste. The food waste can be thrown into the sink disposal, as well as the toilet paper directly inside toilet seat (because it is a biodegradable material). Keep an eye on the behavior of your neighbors and, if you have questions, talk to our consultants.



31. Can I bring my pets to the Orlando vacation homes?

Some houses allow pets. However, it is necessary to consult with our team, because if you take your pet to a home that forbids pets, there will be a unilateral breach of contract with applications of fines and other sanctions.


32. Can I receive guests in the vacation homes?

When renting a vacation home in Orlando with us, you must present the list with the names of all guests in the group. Unfortunately, these are the only guests allowed to stay in the house. This does not mean that we do not allow quick visits from friends, but if unauthorized alien groups stay in the homes it may cause breach of contract.


33. Is it allowed to smoke inside the vacation homes?

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside of our vacation homes. After all, laws are compared to hotel establishments. We indicate to the smoker always use the area outside the home, such as the pool or balcony, ensuring that the smoke does not circulate indoors. Do not smoke in a bathroom or open the windows to eliminate the odor, because the air conditioning central can lead the smoke to other rooms.


34. How many guests fit on each property?

All homes for rent in Orlando are under regulation of the Department of Hospitality and the Florida Fire Department. This means that each property is set to a maximum number of people (adults or children) and may not exceed such amount:

2 bedrooms – Maximum 6 people;
3 bedrooms – Maximum 8 people;
4 bedrooms – Maximum 10 people;
5 bedrooms – Maximum 12 people;
6 bedrooms – Maximum 14 people;
7 bedrooms – Maximum 16 people.


35. How do we get inside our vacation home upon arrival?

All properties of VIP Homes are equipped with electronic locks that can generate a new unique access code for each guest. Therefore, previous visitors have no copies of keys and no one will bother your group.


36. Do the vacation homes have sofa beds, mattresses or portable bed?

Yes, many of our properties have sofa beds, inflatable mattresses and portable beds for up to two guests. Discuss this possibility with our consultants before closing your package.


37. What happens when you violate the contract?

The United States is well known for the severity of its laws and contracts. Anyone who violates a contract is immediately notified and can have the deal canceled without compensation. Moreover, may come to answer for damages caused by this violation. To avoid a breach of contract, it is worth to pay attention to contractual clauses, such as maximum number of guests; anti-smoking restrictions; pets, etc. VIP Homes never had any problems related to that.


38. Do we have a check-in time?

Check-in can be done after 4pm. If you want an early check-in, at the time you make the reservation, it is possible, but an additional fee may be charged. However, you may check the availability of an early check-in with our agents.


39. Do we have a check-out time?

The check-out should be done by 10 am, so our cleaning staff can prepare the property for the next guests. If you want to extend the period, hire a “late check-out” when booking or talk to our team of consultants. We usually have flexibility on hours, to not harm those who arrive after you. However, unauthorized delays can be penalized in $100 per hour as our cleaning staff will not wait you leave the house for starting work.


40. How does the check-in procedure work?

It all depends on your arrival in Orlando. If arriving during business hours, go to our Welcome Center, located nearby our vacation homes, to make check-in and receive the access code for your designated vacation home. However, if you arrived after business hours, we will give you specific instructions on how to get your codes from our safe located on the facade of the office. On the next working day, you must go back in the office to complete the registration as regulated by the State of Florida. In this visit, ask our team information on how to buy attraction tickets with discounts and specialized tips about this magical city.



41. How does the check-out procedure work?

The check-out is very simple. You just need to lock all windows and doors and check if the home appliances and equipment is switched off, such as ceiling fans, televisions, stove, etc. Do not worry about cleaning because our team will do a thorough cleaning once you leave the property in order to receive the next group.


42. Who should I call if I need help?

In Orlando, we provide two support teams to ensure your full support during the stay:
– LEGACY Travel Consultants, serving in English, Spanish and Portuguese, are ready to help you;
– Your house manager also answers 24/7 and is always ready to serve you.


43. What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is a common practice in all rental agreements. It is, also, a common practice in hotels, when the receptionist puts a hold on your credit card. This measure is taken to ensure that any damage can be compensated automatically. After the check-out, the house manager will make a complete inspection and report any inconsistency. If confirmed, photos will be sent to the customer with a collection. Do not worry, minor damage such as breaking glasses are not charged. Everything is done with full transparency.


44. What to do if I damage something?

Preferably if you can solve by yourself, just replace the damaged item with an equivalent. Otherwise, call the house manager to help you with the problem. He surely will know what to do to avoid any more damages and fix the problem.


45. How should I proceed with the reservation for the vacation home that I liked?

Please contact our consultants; they will know how to help you. Once you give the ok, you will receive the rental agreement to fill with your trip and group information. The reservation takes place immediately after payment of booking fee (from $400 through credit card or bank transfer) and signing of the agreement. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation, and the rest of the payment can be made 8 weeks prior to travel. Once you fully pay the full value, you will receive the voucher with information from the rented vacation home.


46. Is there any fine for breaching my contract before my trip?

Yes. If you want to withdraw from your reservation more than 8 weeks before arrival, it will have a cancellation fee of $150. If you withdraw with less than 8 weeks or not confirm the payment of the rental balance, your booking will be canceled without refund of previous payments.


47. Is it possible to buy homes for sale in Orlando?

Yes, it is possible. Actually it is a great investment. The US Homes are with attractive prices. Our partner, Talent Realtors works with accredited and specialized brokers in Orlando to find what you need. Imagine buying home in Orlando and still generate returns with the rental of the property?