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Universal Studios To Host ‘A Celebration of Harry Potter’

This news will leave the Harry Potter fans crazy to stay in a Disney vacation rental this season and enjoy january schedule of Universal Orlando. From the 29th to january 31th Warner Bros. and Universal Studios will host ‘A Celebration of Harry Potter’, which will feature actors and members of the saga of the little wizard.

Among them are expected Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley; Bonnie Wright, who is Ginny Weasley; Matthew Lewis as Neville Longbottom; Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood; and Katie Leung who plays Cho Chang. Also there will be the creators artists Pierre Bohanna – manufacturing head panoramic mechanisms on the franchise Harry Potter films; Paul Harris – Choreographer; and Miraphora Mina, the MinaLima, responsible for the visual graphic style of the Harry Potter films.

Fans will have the opportunity to meet unique details and celebrate all the adventures of Harry Potter, in three days of interactive experiences that will have sessions of questions and answers, along with celebrities of the movies; access to Harry Potter Expo; statements of the creative team; and an amazing experience with the Sorting Hat (an interactive minitour of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London).

In addition, participants can enter the world of Harry Potter with a visit to The World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure and Diagon Alley at Universal Studios. Visitors have park-to-park entrance (ticket giving access to both parks) will be entitled to board the Hogwarts Express, an exclusive trip from Kings Cross Station and Hogsmeade Station.

To participate in the magical event “A Celebration of Harry Potter” just take the regular admission or annual pass to the theme park, and the entry into some secured attractions in the order of arrival. More information on website

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Orlando vacation rentals are a better option for all budgets

You have seen here the reasons to stay at Orlando vacation rentals and know there is benefit of space, safety, organization for large groups and many other things. But, perhaps, what matters most this time of the year is the price. And in this aspect, Orlando vacation rentals are much better than hotels because, besides being cheaper, has options to suit every single budget.

In a Orlando vacation homes there are three standard houses: Stand, Deluxe and Premium. What differentiates them are the sizes, the condo and location. But what you need to know is that you will find all those houses in good locations, in great neighborhoods very close to the Disney World and all the attractions, such as fine restaurants and theme parks.

So after you understand the differences between these three types of home, we will use as an example for a group of 8 adults and 2 children.

If this group choose a type of Standard house with 4 bedroom, 3 full baths, 1 suite with king bed, 1 bedroom with queen bed and 2 bedrooms with 2 twin beds each. Besides condo with closed gate, collective pool and playground. Everything from $ 118 per night (divided between 10, would come out at around US $ 11.80 per person!).

Luxury option in this same group could be quite similar to Standard above, but with attractive guaranteed to have fun in a private pool in the backyard. The advantage adds little to the budget, and the house runs from $ 135 per day (again, dividing between 10, would come into around $ 13.50 per person. Still, super cheap!).

If he chose a Premium home, the group would have a Orlando vacation rentals with 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths and one half bath, 2 suites with king size bed and 2 bedrooms with 2 twin beds each. In the private backyard, a pool to also enjoy the moments outside the parks, and condo with closed gate, collective pool, playground for children and a beautiful lake. A home in this format, you can pay around US $ 158 per day (divided between 10, about US $ 15.80 per person. Even cheaper than a hotel).

You can find even lower values ​​than those, depending on the location of the property. The important thing is to check with your group what best fits in everyone’s pocket. But the fact is that there will always be a best option than a hotel room.

And if your group is large, do not worry, in Orlando, you can also find rental options for all sizes of groups, with between 2 and 6 bedrooms. In addition to the Super Homes, which are mansions that bring up to 14 rooms.

For groups, Orlando vacation rentals has numerous advantages. Balanceie the pros and cons with your priorities and, at the end, you will see that Disney rentals are the best choise; the posibility of do your laundry anytime you want, make food whenever you want and have more security are things that ensure advantages in overall.

5 reasons to exchange the hotels for Orlando vacation rentals

Talking to a friend who was planning his next Disney vacation, but did not decide if he would stay in a Orlando vacation rentals or stay in a hotel with his family. For this, I’ve tried to list the benefits – beyond cost savings – so i could convince him to stay in one of the Orlando Vacation Rentals Vip with his family. Bellow, I bring you my arguments to indicate this type of hosting. Check it out!

It is cheaper!

Imagine being able to pay less than $ 20 dollars per person, daily in a super house with pool, fully equipped kitchen, tv in bedrooms, bathrooms and all the comforts that only American homes offer? Yeah. I doubt that you can find a hotel at this price and convenience and that houses the whole family in the same price. Next topic!

Private Pool in Orlando Vacation homes

It has a private pool! Want to enjoy the Florida sun, but having to share the pool with a lot of people you do not know, it’s not good. Orlando vacation rentals with swimming pool enables you to enjoy with friends and family in peace, with all the privacy in the world! Not worth it?

You can take little clothing and reserve space in the suitcase to shop

Yes, it’s impossible to arrive in Orlando and not want to buy everything we see ahead! Therefore, it’s cool allow enough space in your suitcase. The cool to stay in a vacation home is that you can take only a few clothes to wash and go on the trip. All houses are equipped with washing machines and tumble drier. A cinch!

Internet released

Many hotels in the United States charge guests for the daily use of Wi-Fi. The cool thing to stay in a house that is the broadband connection is released and you can enjoy at will. How about while enjoying a nice drink on the edge of your pool?

Freedom and privacy

This thing you have time for coffee, or what time it is boring, right? If you are staying in Orlando vacation rentals, with your friends and family, you will have more freedom to make your own schedule without worries; like to use the pool anytime or stay up late chatting on the porch.

Many reasons to visit Walt Disney World Resort in 2016

For you, traveler, who are thinking about a new trip this year and the possibility of stay in an Orlando vacation rentals, it’s good to know that the surprises have not stoped. In 2016, it’s expected a lot more news that will make the Mickey kingdom a dream trip. Besides the grand openings at Walt Disney World Resort in 2015, as the expansion of Downtown Disney – Disney Springs, with new restaurants, shops, parking areas, multiple shows and attractions, let’s see what will happen this year:

Soarin ‘Around the World

From 2016, visitors will be abble to fly over the world’s most unique landscapes with Soarin ‘Around the World. The attraction in 4-D, with the same technology used in Shanghai, provides the experience in two locations – at Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort and Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort. Soarin ‘Around the World will take adventurers for a spectacular journey to distant lands on natural landscapes and wonders built by man.


New meals at Disney Springs

Downtown Disney had major changes in 2015, mainly in Disney Springs expansion. Several new concepts in restaurants and bars were introduced, including the The Boathouse, Morimoto Asia, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar and Dockside Margaritas. To 2016 yet, it is expected the opening of STK Restaurant, Blaze Fast-Fired Pizza and The Edison.


Jungle Skipper Canteen at the Magic Kingdom

A new culinary adventure will be provided to visitors in the Jungle Skipper, the new restaurant in Adventureland. “World Famous Jungle Cuisine” offers Asian flavors, South America and Africa, an area with 222 seats divided into secret environments and Tiffins restaurant at Animal Kingdom. The new restaurant will celebrate the art of travel. Indoors and outdoors, include sea ​​views and a diverse menu of places that inspired the creation of the Animal Kingdom. The word “Tiffin”, in Indian English, refers to a meal noon and means container used to transport food while traveling.


Invictus Games on ESPN Wide World of Sports

From May 8, 2016, Prince Harry brings to the Orlando Invictus Games, which will be held at the Complex ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World Resort’s. Military who suffered injuries and women who have gone through life-changing during wars, up to 14 nations will compete in various sports. It will be the first time these games take place in the United States. Altogether there are 10 sports, including archery, cycling, indoor rowing, sitting volleyball, swimming, athletics, triathlon, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis.

Prince Harry and Sir Keith Mills GBE Make Event Annoucement For The Invictus Games

“Symphony in the Stars: The Galactic Spectacular” at the Hollywood Studios

Show of fireworks themed Star Wars is one of the Hollywood Studios attractions, released on December 18, 2015, and continuing next year. The park also has other experiences with the theme, including Star Wars Launch Bay and a review of Star Tours.


“Rivers of Light” in the Animal Kingdom

The spectacle of lights, set to open in spring 2016, will take place at Discovery River between Discovery Island and Expedition Everest. The magnificent show will combine live music, lights, water and motion pictures. A craft will follow the river through a dramatic dance of water and light to invoke animal spirits. Furthermore, the landmark life park tree will be lit for magical fireflies.

Kilmanjaro Safaris by sunsets

A new nocturnal adventure is being prepared for visitors to the Kilimanjaro Safaris. Your time will be extended and guests can travel across the African savanna and discover two new species of animals – African wild dogs and hyenas.


Frozen Ever After at Epcot

The story of “Frozen” will be retold in a fantastic experience at Epcot, Walt Disney World. The adventure is replacing the old Maelstrom in the Norway pavilion. Visitors will be brought to the kingdom of Arendelle, through stories, music and technology. The attraction will also include the “Winter in Summer Celebration” where Queen Elsa turn Summer into winter. Also, everyone to visit Elsa’s Ice Palace and the world of blue ice in the North Mountain. Frozen’s favorite characters will also be a part of an attraction – a new meet-and-greet will put fans in touch with their favorite characters.


Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

From march on, guests traveling to Epcot can enjoy the Festival that will Outdoor food, fun games and new topiaries with Disney characters – three nephews of Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie will make its debut alongside the topiaries Donald and Daisy, the park entrance garden. In addition, an exhibition Mickey Mouse topiary Ranger will monstrada the first time, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. Plus, Floral Sun Garden; Game Fab Five; topiaries Anna and Elsa, Frozen; Garden Rocks series of concerts; mini gardens; Butterflies on the Go; and seminars on gardens.


Annual events at Walt Disney World

Again, guests can wait for the Epcot Food & Wine Festival, the celebration of Halloween Mickey’s Not-So-Scar, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Epcot’s Holiday Around the World and Candlelight Processional, which will return to the park this year. The Magic Kingdom Park was the first park to open at the Walt Disney World Resort, and October 1, 2016, will celebrate its 45 years. It is undoubtedly a special year!

Disney Parks may be closed by blending holidays

If you are one of thousands of tourists who are thinking about renting an Orlando vacation homes to enjoy the winter at Disney, you also know that now is one of the busiest times in Orlando theme parks, especially in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. But have you ever though how many people can fit in those parks? Probably not, since Disney does not usually disclose this type of information.

However, some sites, blogs and web pages often publish non official figures and comments about the possibility of closing the parks because of holliday’s crowd. We do not know exactly the number of people needed to close a park; as well as visitors, we have to take into account the employees, suppliers, outside artists, etc.

Then, it need to check the layout of how the parks are during these days of maximum capacity, based on previous years. Recalling that the parks can change the schedule at any time without notice, as required. Once the park reaches a certain number of visitors, the entries begin to be limited by following the steps below:

Phase One

Visitors who are not staying in Disney’s hotels (maybe on an Orlando vacation rentals) and have no ticket, and those with tickets in a single day (single-day) and guests from Cast Members (CM tickets guests) will be directed to make a return, or may not even park in the parking lot (the TTC).

Who can still enter the park:

– Hosted at Disney hotels
– Annual Passholders without blackout dates
– Visitors with hopper ticket
– Hosted at Disney who use buses, boats and monorail
– Visitors who have appointments or reservations (remember to bring a printed copy to the event something unexpected with the system Fastpass reservation + does not apply.)
– Visitors with multi-day ticket / park tickets (multiple days)
– Visitors who have left the park and are returning

Phase Two

The following visitors are allowed to park and enter the park:

– Hosted at Disney hotels
– Annual Passholders without blackout dates
– Visitors with hopper ticket
– Hosted at Disney who use buses, boats and monorail
– Visitors who have appointments or reservations (remember to bring a printed copy to the event something unexpected with the system Fastpass reservation + does not apply.)
– Visitors who have left the park and are returning

Phase Three

The following visitors are allowed to park and enter the park:

– Hosted at Disney hotels
– Annual Passholders without blackout dates
– Visitors who have appointments or reservations (remember to bring a printed copy to the event something unexpected with the system Fastpass reservation + does not apply.)

Phase Four

This phase is when the park and parking lot close of truth, regardless of whether it is host Disney or type of ticket and even have reserve.

This procedure is adopted by any Disney park and can happen at any time, but is usually more common in the Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and parks Magic Kingdom and Epcot, because of year-end fireworks show!

If you and your family want to spend much New Year’s Eve in the Magic Kingdom, the tip is to arrive early, be prepared to stay all day (until dawn) and face five hours line at every attraction. In previous years the closure scheme began around 10 am, therefore, be prepare to arrive early and enjoy your day!

How about Orlando vacation rentals during Halloween?

How about Orlando vacation rentals during Halloween in September / October / November?

The programming of the city, or rather across the United States, is very cool for this time of year. All parks usually do special for Halloween and there are still other options, such as haunted houses and Halloween stores. Certainly, my favorite is the Halloween Horror Nights  at Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando Resort unleashes the horror of some of the most terrifying names in entertainment with Halloween Horror Nights 23.

In its 25th edition, the event promises to be even greater, longer and more intense this year. Visitors can visit Universal Orlando theme parks during the day and becoming victims in their own night horror movie by night.

Below are some of the highlights you need to know to plan your trip:

– The event will bring together NINE haunted houses – more than any other in the history of Universal’s Halloween.

– The streets will be full featured actors. Visitors will find twice as “scareactors” than in previous years, and they will scare visitors in completely themed haunted areas in the park.

– Halloween Horror Nights 25 will have more nights than ever – towards breaking the record of 30 nights, from September 18 to November 1.


For more information about Halloween Horror Nights 25, visite

Boardwalk: an unforgatable and hidden corner inside Disney

Planing to rent Orlando vacation homes, you must include Disney Springs in the itinerary; the evening entertainment center of Disney complex. But what you probably do not know is that this is not the only place where you can leave the park circuit to enjoy a pleasant afternoon or evening in shops, bars or restaurants within Disney.

There is also the Boardwalk, a boardwalk with over 27,000 square meters largely unexplored by tourists but which can guarantee a great day out. Disney’s Boardwalk is located between Hollywood Studios and Epcot, and its concept is based on the popular promenades in the 20th century of coastal cities like New York, Atlantic City and New Jersey.

There, you can have a delicious breakfast at the local bakery, enjoy the shops, rent a bike to enjoy a group ride or even wet the feet in the water at small shore, which has sand! When night falls, the place turns into a hot spot for those who want to enjoy lots of live music, great restaurants or street vendors, games and artists who are around the boardwalk.

Among the dining options, the highlights are the Boardwalk Bakery, which is the best option for a coffee in the morning or afternoon filled with delicious items, especially when it comes to sweets; and, for the night, the ESPN Club restaurant dedicated to sports lovers.

The amazing restaurant has the proposal to be a perfect steakhouse for those who want to watch the games with good food. There, it is impossible to miss any play, as there are TV’s even in the bathroom. There we find the renowned Flying Fish Cafe, for those who like seafood; Big River Grille & Brewing Works, for fans of craft beers; and Trattoria Al Forno, for those who like to taste the delights of Italian cuisine.


If your idea is to go shopping, Disney’s Boardwalk also suits your needs. The boardwalk brings specialized goods stores in Disney characters, sports clothing, souvenirs, bathing suits and even an art gallery.

And if the focus is enjoy the nightlife of the place, you can dance at the Atlantic Dance Hall, where you can dance at the sound of the 80s, 90s and today’s songs, but it is worth remembering,that the United States clubs closes at 2 am. You can also enjoy one night  dueling between pianists in Jellyrolls, a very intimate bar that still watering his visit to free popcorn and water at ease.


To get to Disney’s Boardwalk you can ride one of the buses that circulate within the Disney complex; go boating or walking from the Hollywood Studios or Epcot; or driving. If the last is your option, you must stop the car in the parking lot of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn – a hotel that also gives entrance to the boardwalk -; let them know that you walk along the Boardwalk and nothing will be charged.

Disney’s Boardwalk is a great tour for those who want to explore Walt Disney World in depth, in its most hidden corners, and have one of those magical nights that only a Disney experience can provide. More than recommended!

The Crayola Experience Orlando is a new creativity attraction for childrens

A good tip for those who are programming to stay in Orlando vacation rentals and spend holidays with their kids. For this season, the Crayola – famous brand of crayons – decided to invest in their own space, dedicated to children, at the Florida Mall in Orlando.

Opening in July 2015, the Crayola Experience will feature 6,500 square meters to 25 interactive attractions, as well as a store of their products, which will bring the largest and most unique collection of Crayola items in the world.

The Crayola Experience already exists in Easton, Pennsylvania, where the brand was founded. Now, the unit of Orlando, should bring, some unique experiences. Among them:

Drip Arty: attraction where children can put crayons in Drip Art machine and watch them melt. Meanwhile, the melted wax is thrown into a role, creating a true work of art.


Be a Star: This is a fun attraction, as it turns children into figures for painting. The child take a picture of themselves, then the image is printed on a color sheet  for the fun begin.


Wrap It Up: This attraction is perfect for back to school. In it, children can customize the label of wax chalks then take home.


Despite being really known for its crayons and pens, the Crayola has over 1,500 innovative products and technologies, whose mission is to change the way children play, always encouraging creativity.

“We have always had a culture of innovation,” explains the CEO of Crayola, Mike Perry. “This next adventure is more dynamic way in which we are moving forward in our mission to help parents and teachers to creatively create living children, and creating colorful family memories in the process.”


The Crayola Experience is considered a space for the entire family, but the attractions are essentially childish, more likely it is that children will have fun playing while parents plunge back to childhood in the local store, which will bring a range of Products quite different. However, to gain access to the store, no need to buy a ticket for the play space.

Tickets for the Crayola Experience cost $ 19.99 for both children and adults. For the year of inauguration of the space, the Crayola did a promotion: the annual pass which will cost $ 29.99 until December 31, 2015 will leave for US $ 26.99. Despite the ticket for a single visit leave into account the benefits of the annual pass are actually discounts the visitor gains on products and food.

If you have a trip scheduled to Orlando from July, make sure you take the kids to the Crayola Experience and present them another must-see attraction of the fantasy city.

Learn more about Frozen Ever After, Epcot’s new attraction

Since its debut in 2013, the story of Frozen earned millions of fans around the world – including, myself, I’m in love with the icy realm of Arendelle. The animation was the highest grossing of all time and won two statuettes at the Oscars, but success does not stop there! Frozen will be the subject of a new attraction at Epcot, one of four Disney theme parks.

With a song that became worldwide hit, Frozen Ever After promises to be an adventure for the whole family and will transport visitors to the kingdom of Arandelle during the Winter in Summer Celebration, a celebration where Queen Elsa accepts his powers and creates a winter day in midsummer for all subjects.

At Epcot, the new attraction Norway pavilion, the country that inspired the history of animation, is being developed with super technology. The tour will feature an incredible visit to Elsa ice palace and the icy North Mountain, and other spectacular scenery of the film, before returning to the Bay of Arendelle.

Visitors can also check closely various characters of the plot, including the Snowgies (the little snowmen created from Elsa sneeze), the recently released short Frozen: Fever chilling out. The opening is expected for 2016.

Also new Epcot is expanding outside the Norwegian pavilion, which will gain unique features of the local architecture as well as a new space that will highlight the art and culture of that country and will be where the sisters Anna and Elsa receive his subjects, the Royal Sommerhus.


Orlando Eye: The giant ferris wheel

The most anticipated attraction in recent times, has just been inaugurated in Orlando for our joy! The Orlando Eye, located in the trendy entertainment center I-Drive 360, is one of the must see that shall appear on the top of the list of those who will stay at Orlando vacation rentals to enjoy all the best that the city of magic has to offer besides Disney.

The Ferris wheel is fantastic, and can only be compared to the London Eye, in London, England. In fact, the two were built by the same company – Unicorp National Developments Inc. – and promise a nice view and a lot of excitement in the heights, literally! I can not wait to ride this little beauty!

According to the company, the attraction is very safe and comfortable; its highest point reaches 120 meters. Its structure consists of 30 glass capsules, able to receive 15 people who can divide the space and enjoy the 360 ° view of all the landscapes, lakes and parks of Orlando,and the view may reach Cape Canaveral.

Each full turn takes 20 minutes, it shows that the wheel spins in slow motion. In addition, the capsules have air conditioning and a central bench for those who want more comfort while traveling. Therefore, those who are afraid of the ferris wheels, can trust, because you will make the journey in the cab.

Before embarking on the tour, the information is transmitted on a screen 4D, so that the whole group in the mood of the adventure. Capsules bring iPads with information about the best views. For those who are lucky to be there at the right time, the setting of the sun from above the Orlando Eye seems to be an attraction in itself.

The new Ferris wheel is part of the fantastic I-Drive 360 which also includes the famous Madame Tussauds Orlando and Orlando Sea Life Aquarium, and many shops and restaurants. The project is the Merlin Entertainment, responsible for Legoland Florida park, and about 100 attractions worldwide.


Work Hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 10 pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to midnight.

Tickets: may be bought through internet, or the entrance of the attraction.

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