What you need to know about WonderWorks, the museum designed to look as it dropped upside down

What you need to know about WonderWorks, the museum designed to look as it dropped upside down

For those who study to stay in a Disney’s Vacation Rentals and are planning the places to visit, through the International Drive, in one of the main points of Orlando, it is impossible not notice a particular house. WonderWorks, a curious indoor interactive museum that was built entirely upside down.

The museum say that the house was an ancient and secret science lab located on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle. An experiment among the world’s top scientists, led by Professor Wonder, aimed at creating a tornado within the laboratory itself.

Something went wrong and this made involved the house and threw thousands of kilometers, falling on top of a warehouse brick in Orlando. Despite all the travel distance, the experiments inside the house continued to function, intact.

Legends aside, the reality is that most WonderWorks attractions are related to science, but the museum also offers a lot of interactive games and toys for all ages. The WonderWorks is divided into 6 attractions: Natural Disasters, Physical Challenge, Light & Sound, Space Discovery, Imagination Lab and Far Out art gallery (in addition to the art gallery).

As soon as visitors enter the house, the first attraction they find is the Earthquake Cafe, a type of 5.3 earthquake on the Richter scale, where everyone has to sit on the floor. Soon after, more natural fenónemos. Another room with Hurricane Shack, simulates a hurricane.

The feeling is to experience winds up to 115 kilometers per hour. More experiences await guests, such as How Cold Is It ?, where they can experience what it was like cold seawater at the time of the Titanic sinking.

By placing the hand in a closed box with water less than 2 degrees, a stopwatch will mark the time each person stand cold size. On another floor of the house has the impressive Bed of Nails, a bed of nails where everyone can realize that curiosity bedtime and feel it hurts or not. The answer is no”.

Already the Wonder Coaster is a virtual roller coaster, where the passenger enters a kind of centrifugal. So for the ‘strong stomach’. There is also a cabin for observing the behavior of water in zero gravity, very interesting, and more adventures in the Indoor Ropes Course, a trail to be crossed hanging by ropes, and attached to the ceiling by a seat belt.

Craziest experiences how to make colored balls and giant soap bubble in the Lab, play with his own shadow, piano stepping on the keys, enjoy interactive games, expect a lot of visitors for interactive fun. More than 100 attractions that will delight children and adducts.

The museum is open every day of the week, and two or three hours you can enjoy and know almost everything it offers. It’s a great option for a late afternoon, it is open from 9am until 00h.



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