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Are you staying at Orlando vacation rentals? You should definetly check the amazing Skydiving Simulator IFLY

Skydiving is a dream of many adventurers. But this is an extreme sport that arouses fear and requires courage, especially by height. But it is not impossible if you are one of these cases and are scheduling Orlando vacation rentals to enjoy the wonders beyond Disney.

The Ifly, Skydiving Simulator provides this adventure without being hundreds of meters from the ground. The iFly there almost 20 years ago in Orlando. It is possible to train the leap and live the adrenaline jump and fall. The space serves both for military training, and for entertainment of tourists.

The tower simulator can be seen from I-Drive and is close to the Universal park. It is a tall tower with giant and wind tunnel. Passengers are concentrated at the top waiting for the flight. With appropriate clothing (each gets a jumpsuit), equipment such as goggles, helmet, ear protectors and closed shoes, the brave are prepared to receive the instructions for the jump.

An instructor teaches basic positions and demonstrates in video illustrating the jump procedure. After all this preparation, participants enter the wind tunnel, along with the instructor, to make the jump. The flights are prohibited for children under three and pregnant women, and people with fractures and back problems and neck. They are free to all others, including those with special needs.

There are three categories of flights at iFly – the Belly Fly, basic, for beginners; Fly Back, back, to those who are already more experienced; and Fly Sit, sit, also a more complex category. Special packages for families or groups are available, encourage and facilitate the adventure.

So with courage and adrenaline dream of jumping Skydiving is close of Orlando visitors. Who knows after this prior, the adventurous courage to create a real Skydiving in Cape Canaveral, one of the points of highest jump in the world, and that is also in Florida, just few minutes from Orlando vacation rentals.

Florida attractions finder conects users to incredible adventures in Orlando

Great news for those planning to stay at Orlando vacation rentals to enjoy the upcoming holiday. This week, Visit Florida released the Florida Attractions Finder, a super cool tool of interactive vacation planning that allows the visitor living the Florida emotions in a virtual environment, sitting in the front row.

Videos are called point-of-view (ie, the viewer sees in the protagonist’s point of view) and that make you travel a mile a minute diving the latest coasters, face a zipline going on alligators (look down if you dare!) and scan the Everglades aboard a hidrobarco.

Whether the visitor is seeking his first experience in Florida, whether you want to repeat the best time lived in your last trip to the Sunshine State, the tool puts the power of discovery in the user’s hands. The Florida Attractions Finder adds images of different attractions based on changes made in the dial setting (display).

You can set four separate configurations depending on user preferences in terms of adventure: the thrilling to chilling, the popular to rare jewels, advanced technology to natural and days to hours. Then, the interface provides a consistent attraction with user-configured parameters – is an internationally famous theme park or a trip out of the ordinary.

This summer, 50 other attractions will be added to the Finder and there are plans for the future, users can send videos to compete for prizes that will be awarded to the most voted by the public. The Florida Attractions Finder can be accessed at visitflorida.com/attractionsfinder

Orlando Expansion: City is the favorite to receive the Ferrari park

The Ferrari brand with the most coveted sports cars in the world, is also synonymous with entertainment and fun. It’s first theme park was installed in Abu Dhabi in 2010, a partnership of the Italian industry with Farah Experiences LLC, which manages unique parks in the United Arab Emirates.

The power and fame of the Ferrari brand, known for its fast cars and impressive design, has also become the world’s powerful theme parks. The news that there would be a possible expansion of the Ferrari World in North America put Orlando, the world capital of entertainment, such as the favorite city.

“The rumors about building a Ferrari park in Orlando are circulating since 2010. The news gained momentum during the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2014 (event that takes place in Orlando, every November, and exposes the big news for theme parks)”, explains Ricardo Molina, CEO of Orlando Vacation Rentals Vip.

Besides the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi (operating) there are two Ferrari parks to be opened around the world, all built in partnerships with third parties: Ferrari Land – PortAventura World Parks & Resort in Barcelona, ​​Spain (opening forecast for early 2017); and a close in China, the capital Beijing or Shanghai city (with no provision for opening).

The facility in Orlando, Central Florida would be the fourth Ferrari World, and also in partnership with major investors. Despite the market in the region is very experienced and complete in a matter of theme parks, analysts consider that Ferrari proposal will add something different, grander and more sophisticated attractions.

Hotel Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the largest indoor theme park in the world, with twenty attractions available – 17 in the covered pavilion and three in the outside area. It is one of the most spectacular roller coasters on the planet – the Formula Rossa.

With initial rate of acceleration of 100 km / h in the first two seconds, the atraction reaches the maximum of 239 km / h and give the feeling to the riders are driving a formula car 1. The roller coaster rail 2.2 km length was inspired by the legendary Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy.

Besides the famous rollercoaster, postcard park, the complex includes the G-Force, plummeting elevator with 62 meters high; the Fiorano GT Challenge, another double roller coaster that simulates a dispute between two carts; and lighter toys like the Speed ​​of Magic and Viaggio in Italy, both in 4D cinema with simulator.

All attractions are linked to the world Ferrari and motorsport racing. There is no shortage in the park are Ferrari cars, all models, scattered to the four corners. The complex also has restaurants with Italian chefs, and souvenir shops and Ferrari products.

Florida beats the record of 105 million tourists in 2015

You, who had rent a Disney vacation home in Orlando last year, are part of a record. Last February 18th, Governor Rick Scott announced that Florida broke the record of 105 million tourists in 2015. According to Visit Florida, this is the fifth consecutive year that the state reaches the record in tourism, surpassing the number of 2014 is 98.5 million.

The average number of jobs related to tourism in 2015 also reached its record with 1,199,200 employed people – 4.7 percent higher than the same period last year. “Tourism plays an important role in supporting our economy, and we will continue to make strategic investments in the sector to keep Florida on the right track in order to make the state better,” said Scott Governor speaking at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

“As tourism record for five consecutive years, it is time to set an even higher goal, and I look forward to receive 115 million visitors to the Sunshine State this year,” added the governor. Visit Florida estimates that a record 89.8 million domestic visitors who traveled to Florida in 2015 are a reflection of the increase of 8% in 2014.

Total shipments in the 18 airports in Florida in 2015 increased 8.2% over the previous year, representing a number of 6.1 million passengers more than in 2014. Estimates also show that 11.2 million foreign visitors and 4 million Canadians came to the state of Florida last year.

Will Seccombe, President and CEO of Visit Florida, believes that five years of visitation record does not just happen. “It is the direct result of an overall marketing strategy focused on maximizing the Florida tourism. Today’s announcement shows tourism marketing jobs and have to thank Scott, Governor and Florida Legislature for their leadership and support incomparable to put the State of Florida on track to become the destination number 1 for world turism. ”

Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, said: “As we are home to the most popular theme park in the world, we are delighted to contribute to the record number of visitors in Florida – and the jobs and economic opportunities that tourism helps to create.”

Taxable sales of tourism and entertainment for Florida increased each month and year, from January to November 2015 (month last record reported), an increase of 8.6% over the same period in 2014. For 2015, the average daily rate ( ADR) rose 5.9% and the number of rooms booked increased 4.5% compared to 2014.

The average occupancy rate of Florida for 2015 was 3.2% of 2014 to 72% in 2015. This is a record year for the occupancy rate, surpassing the previous which was up 69.8%.

John Tomlin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Visit Florida, adds: “Achieving record visitation for five years, including 105 million visitors in 2015, is a testament to the strong industry alignment with our marketing and tourism partners. Thanks to the visionary support of Scott governor, we have built a solid foundation that will achieve our goal of generating $ 100 billion in tourism in 2020. ”

For the fourth quarter of 2015, estimates show a record thata 25.2 million people visited the state of Florida. This represents the largest fourth quarter of visitation that Florida has ever seen and reflects an increase of 6.7% over the same period in 2014.

How about Orlando vacation rentals during Halloween?

How about Orlando vacation rentals during Halloween in September / October / November?

The programming of the city, or rather across the United States, is very cool for this time of year. All parks usually do special for Halloween and there are still other options, such as haunted houses and Halloween stores. Certainly, my favorite is the Halloween Horror Nights  at Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando Resort unleashes the horror of some of the most terrifying names in entertainment with Halloween Horror Nights 23.

In its 25th edition, the event promises to be even greater, longer and more intense this year. Visitors can visit Universal Orlando theme parks during the day and becoming victims in their own night horror movie by night.

Below are some of the highlights you need to know to plan your trip:

– The event will bring together NINE haunted houses – more than any other in the history of Universal’s Halloween.

– The streets will be full featured actors. Visitors will find twice as “scareactors” than in previous years, and they will scare visitors in completely themed haunted areas in the park.

– Halloween Horror Nights 25 will have more nights than ever – towards breaking the record of 30 nights, from September 18 to November 1.


For more information about Halloween Horror Nights 25, visite www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com/Orlando.

Orlando Vacation Rentals Holidays Blog
5 reasons to stay in Orlando Vacation Homes during your holidays

Talking with some friends, who were planing their next Disney vacation Orlando, but they did not know if they should stay in Orlando vacation homes or should be staying in a hotel, I tried to list the benefits beyond cost savings that Orlando vacation homes had the better offers to travelers. Since I convinced her that Orlando vacation homes of VIP Homes would be the best for her and specially with her 8 members party. I’ll bring to you my arguments to refer this type of hosting.

It’s cheaper!

Imagine being able to pay less than $ 20 dollars per person in a daily rate in a super Orlando vacation homes with pools, fully equipped kitchen, TV’s in all the bedrooms, more than 1 bathroom and all the comforts that Orlando vacation rentals offers. And Yeah I doubt that you can find a hotel at this price and convenience that accommodates your whole family in the same place.

Orlando Vacation Rentals Holidays Blog Private Pool

It has a private pool

Your dream to enjoy the Florida sun in your own private pool (no sharing with people you don’t know). Orlando vacation rentals with swimming pool enables you to enjoy with friends and family in peace, with all the privacy in the world! Not worth it?

You can take little clothing and reserve space in the suitcase

Yes, it is impossible to arrive in Orlando and not want to buy everything we see! Therefore, it is cool allow enough space in the suitcase. The cool about staying in Orlando vacation homes is that you can take few clothes wash it and enjoy the rest of your trip. All houses are equipped with washing machines and driers.

Orlando Vacation Rentals Holidays Blog inside house

Free Wi-Fi

Many hotels in the United States charge guests for the daily use of Wi-Fi. The cool about Orlando vacation homes of Vip Homes is that the broadband connection is free and you can enjoy without paying extra. How about being connected while enjoying a nice drink on the edge of your pool?

Freedom and privacy

If you are staying at Orlando vacation homes of Vip Homes, with your friends and family you will have more freedom to make your own schedule without worries; being able to use the pool anytime or either staying up chatting on the porch until late.

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