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Florida attractions finder conects users to incredible adventures in Orlando

Great news for those planning to stay at Orlando vacation rentals to enjoy the upcoming holiday. This week, Visit Florida released the Florida Attractions Finder, a super cool tool of interactive vacation planning that allows the visitor living the Florida emotions in a virtual environment, sitting in the front row.

Videos are called point-of-view (ie, the viewer sees in the protagonist’s point of view) and that make you travel a mile a minute diving the latest coasters, face a zipline going on alligators (look down if you dare!) and scan the Everglades aboard a hidrobarco.

Whether the visitor is seeking his first experience in Florida, whether you want to repeat the best time lived in your last trip to the Sunshine State, the tool puts the power of discovery in the user’s hands. The Florida Attractions Finder adds images of different attractions based on changes made in the dial setting (display).

You can set four separate configurations depending on user preferences in terms of adventure: the thrilling to chilling, the popular to rare jewels, advanced technology to natural and days to hours. Then, the interface provides a consistent attraction with user-configured parameters – is an internationally famous theme park or a trip out of the ordinary.

This summer, 50 other attractions will be added to the Finder and there are plans for the future, users can send videos to compete for prizes that will be awarded to the most voted by the public. The Florida Attractions Finder can be accessed at visitflorida.com/attractionsfinder