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Are you staying at Orlando vacation rentals? You should definetly check the amazing Skydiving Simulator IFLY

Skydiving is a dream of many adventurers. But this is an extreme sport that arouses fear and requires courage, especially by height. But it is not impossible if you are one of these cases and are scheduling Orlando vacation rentals to enjoy the wonders beyond Disney.

The Ifly, Skydiving Simulator provides this adventure without being hundreds of meters from the ground. The iFly there almost 20 years ago in Orlando. It is possible to train the leap and live the adrenaline jump and fall. The space serves both for military training, and for entertainment of tourists.

The tower simulator can be seen from I-Drive and is close to the Universal park. It is a tall tower with giant and wind tunnel. Passengers are concentrated at the top waiting for the flight. With appropriate clothing (each gets a jumpsuit), equipment such as goggles, helmet, ear protectors and closed shoes, the brave are prepared to receive the instructions for the jump.

An instructor teaches basic positions and demonstrates in video illustrating the jump procedure. After all this preparation, participants enter the wind tunnel, along with the instructor, to make the jump. The flights are prohibited for children under three and pregnant women, and people with fractures and back problems and neck. They are free to all others, including those with special needs.

There are three categories of flights at iFly – the Belly Fly, basic, for beginners; Fly Back, back, to those who are already more experienced; and Fly Sit, sit, also a more complex category. Special packages for families or groups are available, encourage and facilitate the adventure.

So with courage and adrenaline dream of jumping Skydiving is close of Orlando visitors. Who knows after this prior, the adventurous courage to create a real Skydiving in Cape Canaveral, one of the points of highest jump in the world, and that is also in Florida, just few minutes from Orlando vacation rentals.