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5 reasons to exchange the hotels for Orlando vacation rentals

Talking to a friend who was planning his next Disney vacation, but did not decide if he would stay in a Orlando vacation rentals or stay in a hotel with his family. For this, I’ve tried to list the benefits – beyond cost savings – so i could convince him to stay in one of the Orlando Vacation Rentals Vip with his family. Bellow, I bring you my arguments to indicate this type of hosting. Check it out!

It is cheaper!

Imagine being able to pay less than $ 20 dollars per person, daily in a super house with pool, fully equipped kitchen, tv in bedrooms, bathrooms and all the comforts that only American homes offer? Yeah. I doubt that you can find a hotel at this price and convenience and that houses the whole family in the same price. Next topic!

Private Pool in Orlando Vacation homes

It has a private pool! Want to enjoy the Florida sun, but having to share the pool with a lot of people you do not know, it’s not good. Orlando vacation rentals with swimming pool enables you to enjoy with friends and family in peace, with all the privacy in the world! Not worth it?

You can take little clothing and reserve space in the suitcase to shop

Yes, it’s impossible to arrive in Orlando and not want to buy everything we see ahead! Therefore, it’s cool allow enough space in your suitcase. The cool to stay in a vacation home is that you can take only a few clothes to wash and go on the trip. All houses are equipped with washing machines and tumble drier. A cinch!

Internet released

Many hotels in the United States charge guests for the daily use of Wi-Fi. The cool thing to stay in a house that is the broadband connection is released and you can enjoy at will. How about while enjoying a nice drink on the edge of your pool?

Freedom and privacy

This thing you have time for coffee, or what time it is boring, right? If you are staying in Orlando vacation rentals, with your friends and family, you will have more freedom to make your own schedule without worries; like to use the pool anytime or stay up late chatting on the porch.