Boardwalk: an unforgatable and hidden corner inside Disney

Boardwalk: an unforgatable and hidden corner inside Disney

Planing to rent Orlando vacation homes, you must include Disney Springs in the itinerary; the evening entertainment center of Disney complex. But what you probably do not know is that this is not the only place where you can leave the park circuit to enjoy a pleasant afternoon or evening in shops, bars or restaurants within Disney.

There is also the Boardwalk, a boardwalk with over 27,000 square meters largely unexplored by tourists but which can guarantee a great day out. Disney’s Boardwalk is located between Hollywood Studios and Epcot, and its concept is based on the popular promenades in the 20th century of coastal cities like New York, Atlantic City and New Jersey.

There, you can have a delicious breakfast at the local bakery, enjoy the shops, rent a bike to enjoy a group ride or even wet the feet in the water at small shore, which has sand! When night falls, the place turns into a hot spot for those who want to enjoy lots of live music, great restaurants or street vendors, games and artists who are around the boardwalk.

Among the dining options, the highlights are the Boardwalk Bakery, which is the best option for a coffee in the morning or afternoon filled with delicious items, especially when it comes to sweets; and, for the night, the ESPN Club restaurant dedicated to sports lovers.

The amazing restaurant has the proposal to be a perfect steakhouse for those who want to watch the games with good food. There, it is impossible to miss any play, as there are TV’s even in the bathroom. There we find the renowned Flying Fish Cafe, for those who like seafood; Big River Grille & Brewing Works, for fans of craft beers; and Trattoria Al Forno, for those who like to taste the delights of Italian cuisine.


If your idea is to go shopping, Disney’s Boardwalk also suits your needs. The boardwalk brings specialized goods stores in Disney characters, sports clothing, souvenirs, bathing suits and even an art gallery.

And if the focus is enjoy the nightlife of the place, you can dance at the Atlantic Dance Hall, where you can dance at the sound of the 80s, 90s and today’s songs, but it is worth remembering,that the United States clubs closes at 2 am. You can also enjoy one night  dueling between pianists in Jellyrolls, a very intimate bar that still watering his visit to free popcorn and water at ease.


To get to Disney’s Boardwalk you can ride one of the buses that circulate within the Disney complex; go boating or walking from the Hollywood Studios or Epcot; or driving. If the last is your option, you must stop the car in the parking lot of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn – a hotel that also gives entrance to the boardwalk -; let them know that you walk along the Boardwalk and nothing will be charged.

Disney’s Boardwalk is a great tour for those who want to explore Walt Disney World in depth, in its most hidden corners, and have one of those magical nights that only a Disney experience can provide. More than recommended!



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