Cinderella Castle becomes setting for weddings at Disney’s Theme Parks

Cinderella Castle becomes setting for weddings at Disney’s Theme Parks

Have you ever imagined getting married at Disney, having the ability to say “yes” in front of Cinderella’s Castle in the heart of Magic Kingdom Park? It is a dream that can come true in Orlando. For the first time, the park also turns stage of unique wedding celebrations. Part of the “Wishes Collection”, the ceremonies will be held in the renovated East Plaza Garden for up to 100 guests.

And visitors who arrive early at the Magic Kingdom will have the chance to be part of this real fairy tale, since the ceremonies are planned to be held in the morning, shortly after the official opening of the park. The bride aboard a crystal horse-drawn carriage, will be received by a herald and conducted by Main Street to the garden, located in front of the castle.

“Couples come looking for a place for ceremonies and celebrations that have Cinderella’s Castle as a backdrop,” says Korri McFann, Director of Marketing for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings (Disney Fairy Tale Weddings). “We are thrilled to offer the opportunity to make more this dream come true,” he adds.

The custom decor and floral arrangements give the final touch, creating a very luxurious place for princesses. After the ceremony, the guests can continue the celebrations in the Walt Disney World Resort, which offers a variety of rooms and halls. Packages start at $ 2500, and the custom from US $ 12,000.

Nearly 25 years ago, the specialized team of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons has been developing and creating fantastic engagements and weddings, with couples dream for your unforgettable event. They can choose from a wide variety of locations and destinations around the world, including Disney theme parks, beaches and ballrooms. Every year, the Walt Disney World Resort is host to about 1200 weddings.

“A lot of our guests already Orlando vacation rentals to spend the honey moon. The news is excellent, so, besides the after celebration, they can actually marrie in a Disney theme park. For sure, a lot of our guests will choose also this option”, believes Renata Alves from Casa na Disney.



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