How to spend less money on a Disney trip; from orlando vacation rentals to tickets

How to spend less money on a Disney trip; from orlando vacation rentals to tickets

Despite ticket prices of Orlando theme parks are a bit salty, travelers who are planning the Disney trip don’t need to change the fate cause of the tight budget. Some tips on how to spend less on a trip to Orlando can be very valuable to reduce the cost of the dream to meet the Mickey Mouse’s kingdom. Among them – arrange the trip in low season, think about the possibility of Orlando vacation rentals, make food at home, avoid purchases in the theme parks, and others.

To start, choose to travel in a low season. Orlando is very crowded in December and January, and between June and August. If you choose between these months, you will find a better city where you might enjoy the weather, it’s less crowded and the prices are much better also.

Many items are much cheaper in Orlando than in other cities in America, such as Miami, Los Angeles and New York, including hosting. There are many options, for example, the visitor renting a property, whether with the family or with a group of friends. In addition, money that you spend on shopping and dining can be reduced if well planned.

It’s very simple. Make a good buy in the local supermarket and always take your snack to the rides and parks. There is a lot of frozen options and prepackaged foods that will make life easier in the kitchen. Orlando supermarkets sell everything from food to home appliances. Walmart is always a deal, with very cool prices. For those who want to eat out, the best option are always the fast food chains that have Dollar Menu, like McDonald’s or Burger King. Of course this is not such a healthy choice, but for those who want to save is a great choice.

Also avoid buying in the shops of the parks, they are very expensive. Let to buy in department stores and supermarkets. They are crammed with souvenirs and items of Disney, with much lower prices. Take a shopping list and put a limit to these expenses.

Be careful to not get carried away of Orlando outlets. They are the greatest temptation to bust the budget. Do not forget to use coupons while shopping. Try to cast doubt on this issue even before the trip. Download the apps that will be used during the trip on your phone or tablet.



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