Learn more about Frozen Ever After, Epcot’s new attraction

Learn more about Frozen Ever After, Epcot’s new attraction

Since its debut in 2013, the story of Frozen earned millions of fans around the world – including, myself, I’m in love with the icy realm of Arendelle. The animation was the highest grossing of all time and won two statuettes at the Oscars, but success does not stop there! Frozen will be the subject of a new attraction at Epcot, one of four Disney theme parks.

With a song that became worldwide hit, Frozen Ever After promises to be an adventure for the whole family and will transport visitors to the kingdom of Arandelle during the Winter in Summer Celebration, a celebration where Queen Elsa accepts his powers and creates a winter day in midsummer for all subjects.

At Epcot, the new attraction Norway pavilion, the country that inspired the history of animation, is being developed with super technology. The tour will feature an incredible visit to Elsa ice palace and the icy North Mountain, and other spectacular scenery of the film, before returning to the Bay of Arendelle.

Visitors can also check closely various characters of the plot, including the Snowgies (the little snowmen created from Elsa sneeze), the recently released short Frozen: Fever chilling out. The opening is expected for 2016.

Also new Epcot is expanding outside the Norwegian pavilion, which will gain unique features of the local architecture as well as a new space that will highlight the art and culture of that country and will be where the sisters Anna and Elsa receive his subjects, the Royal Sommerhus.




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