Orlando Eye: The giant ferris wheel

Orlando Eye: The giant ferris wheel

The most anticipated attraction in recent times, has just been inaugurated in Orlando for our joy! The Orlando Eye, located in the trendy entertainment center I-Drive 360, is one of the must see that shall appear on the top of the list of those who will stay at Orlando vacation rentals to enjoy all the best that the city of magic has to offer besides Disney.

The Ferris wheel is fantastic, and can only be compared to the London Eye, in London, England. In fact, the two were built by the same company – Unicorp National Developments Inc. – and promise a nice view and a lot of excitement in the heights, literally! I can not wait to ride this little beauty!

According to the company, the attraction is very safe and comfortable; its highest point reaches 120 meters. Its structure consists of 30 glass capsules, able to receive 15 people who can divide the space and enjoy the 360 ° view of all the landscapes, lakes and parks of Orlando,and the view may reach Cape Canaveral.

Each full turn takes 20 minutes, it shows that the wheel spins in slow motion. In addition, the capsules have air conditioning and a central bench for those who want more comfort while traveling. Therefore, those who are afraid of the ferris wheels, can trust, because you will make the journey in the cab.

Before embarking on the tour, the information is transmitted on a screen 4D, so that the whole group in the mood of the adventure. Capsules bring iPads with information about the best views. For those who are lucky to be there at the right time, the setting of the sun from above the Orlando Eye seems to be an attraction in itself.

The new Ferris wheel is part of the fantastic I-Drive 360 which also includes the famous Madame Tussauds Orlando and Orlando Sea Life Aquarium, and many shops and restaurants. The project is the Merlin Entertainment, responsible for Legoland Florida park, and about 100 attractions worldwide.


Work Hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 10 pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to midnight.

Tickets: may be bought through internet, or the entrance of the attraction.



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