Orlando Parks have new security measures this year

Orlando Parks have new security measures this year

For those who are planning to rent a vacation home in Orlando and enjoy the theme parks, you don’t have to worry about the security of those places anymore. Recently, Disney in Florida and California have announced a reinforcement of the security in  theme parks, including the prohibition to even toy guns.

Universal and SeaWorld parks also confirmed that they are taking similar measures to further protect the tourists. Disney parks confirmed that they are installing metal detectors and hiring more security guards with trained dogs. In addition to the ban on toy guns, shopkeepers are removing from its shelves those items, including water pistols.

A company official’s statement says: “We are continually reviewing our overall approach to security and implementing additional measures, as we find it necessary.” The Universal Studios also added metal detectors in Orlando parks, Florida and Hollywood, California. “We want our guests to feel protected when they are in our parks,” added the official Universal.

SeaWorld Orlando is also increasing their security at the entrance of the park during this holiday period. Officials told Fox News that “Visitors who enter the SeaWorld Orlando can expect thorough search and metal detector checks.”

None of the parks say exactly how long this increase in security would last. The announcements were made after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, that killed 14 workers during a Christmas party. It took into account also the terrorist threat to school districts across the country, although not all are considered reliable.



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