How about Orlando vacation rentals during Halloween?

How about Orlando vacation rentals during Halloween?

How about Orlando vacation rentals during Halloween in September / October / November?

The programming of the city, or rather across the United States, is very cool for this time of year. All parks usually do special for Halloween and there are still other options, such as haunted houses and Halloween stores. Certainly, my favorite is the Halloween Horror Nights  at Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando Resort unleashes the horror of some of the most terrifying names in entertainment with Halloween Horror Nights 23.

In its 25th edition, the event promises to be even greater, longer and more intense this year. Visitors can visit Universal Orlando theme parks during the day and becoming victims in their own night horror movie by night.

Below are some of the highlights you need to know to plan your trip:

– The event will bring together NINE haunted houses – more than any other in the history of Universal’s Halloween.

– The streets will be full featured actors. Visitors will find twice as “scareactors” than in previous years, and they will scare visitors in completely themed haunted areas in the park.

– Halloween Horror Nights 25 will have more nights than ever – towards breaking the record of 30 nights, from September 18 to November 1.


For more information about Halloween Horror Nights 25, visite



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