Sea World’s Roller Coaster will be the largest and fastest of Orlando

Sea World’s Roller Coaster will be the largest and fastest of Orlando

If you are planning to Orlando vacation rentals in June, better know that the month will arrive with some radical news in the SeaWorld’s complex in Orlando. The theme park scheduled to inaugurate Mako, the longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster in the region, with 60 meters high, nearly 1,500 meters in length and speed that can reach 118 km / h.

The giant Mako has its structure practically ready and those visiting the park can now compares its grandeur with the other two existing coasters – the Kraken and Manta. The attraction will open to the public in mid-June, the month that starts the summer season.

The new roller coaster will take up a large thematic space dedicated to sharks, along with other thrilling rides. Your name Mako was just inspired by one of the fastest shark species in the oceans – the Mako.

The roller coster will sinuous curves, loops and steep free fall that will simulate the sensation of zero gravity, the known “air time”. The new roller coaster will be one of the few hypercoasters the world.

The cart, customized and inspired by the Mako shark has five sides and striking eyes gills. The wheels were made of special material that reduces friction providing speed from beginning to end.

Adventurers will be secured with a lock around the waist and have more mobility to enjoy the feeling of “butterflies”. The coaster will feature 21 stands arranged in three blocks of seven each carts.

SeaWorld Orlando is investing in new attractions that will replace the more traditional park-like show with orcas, which will be extinct by the programming controversies related to life in captivity of these animals.



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