Steampunk PinQuest at Magic Kingdom Park for the whole Family

Steampunk PinQuest at Magic Kingdom Park for the whole Family

The Magic Kingdom is the oldest thematic park at Walt Disney Resort, but until nowadays the evolution goes on. Recently, a very special news was published at the Disney Park official blog: since June 30th there is a new PinQuest! The newest scavenger hunt has a steampunk art, which is an alternative technology from SciFi and promises a remarkable adventure. Look for a Villa in Orlando as soon as possible to enjoy this limited release, and if you are already at any Orlando vacation home or rental, this is an activity to be enjoyed with both adults and children.

To be in the game it is necessary to have a ticket to Magic Kingdom Park and solicit the PinQuest Adventurer Starter Kit from one of the six shops: Fantasy Faire in Fantasyland such as Big Top Souvenirs at Storybook Circus, Briar Patch in Frontierland as Frontier Trading Post, Curtain Call Collectibles and Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. The kit costs $14.99, and includes a lanyard, a decoder medal, a map, a pouch for clue cards and other accessories to make the scavenger hunt even greater.

There are six cards, considering each one from each shop mentioned above, with clues containing questions that may be solved and shared at the NavigatEAR Cast Member. The cards are sold separately and cost $9.99 each. If the participants decide to complete the six clue cards, they can visit the Trading Post in Frontierland or Curtain Call Collectibles for a final riddle. Once it is answered, they are able to purchase the final QuestEAR. Since the scavenger hunt is finished the ticket on the bottom of each clue card can be traded for a limited-edition PinQuest pin. All the pins are only available inside the Magic Kingdom Park.



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