What you need to know about Disney’s new ticket pricing

Disney Ticket
What you need to know about Disney’s new ticket pricing

Last saturday (27th february), Walt Disney World announced a change in ticket’s prices, according to the periods of high and low season. What you need to know about Disney’s new ticket pricing is that the tickets now have different prices – will be more expensive at the high season and cheaper on days with less visitants.

If you are planning the next trip to Disney and studying rent a Orlando vacation rentals to save, also keep an eye on spending on tickets. This change aims to encourage visitors to travel to Orlando at different times of the year, avoiding crowds, long lines, and even temporary closure of the parks when the capacity is exhausted.

Plus, for this period, we are entering (starting from february 28/2016), considered “low season”, a day at the Magic Kingdom will cost $ 105 dollars. In “normal” days will cost $ 110 dollars and the busiest days of the holiday, $ 124 dollars.

At Disneyland in California, a price for a ticket admission to the park is $ 95, $ 105 and $ 119 dollars, in-season, regular season or high season, respectively. Before the ticket had single price of $ 99.

For those who don’t know, low season is the period of the first half between months of March to May, as well as the second half, from August to November. The “high season” includes months of January, February, June, July and December.

Also, before scheduling the trip, it is good to keep an eye on American holidays, dates the parks receive a large number of local visitors. Just keep an eye on the dream of visiting Disney now fits in your pocket.



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